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Patreon program


learn, discover, progress at home!

I really want to share my knowledge, material tests and advices with as many of you as possible, so I got myself into the Patreon adventure!

What is Patreon?

“Patreon is a platform where (...) fans pay their favorite creators a monthly contribution of their choice, in return for exclusive access, additional content, or a behind-the-scenes look at their creative journey. It is a win-win model: Creators retain their creative freedom while getting the income they deserve, and their fans can rest assured that their money is going directly to creating more of the content they love. "

Why a Patreon account?

Creating videos has always been a passion for me. And following a growing demand, I decided to devote more time to creating videos in order to share my knowledge, advices, and test feedback on the equipment I use in order to bring another dimension to my activity as an illustrator.

However, filming and editing videos yourself takes a lot of time in addition to the time I already devote to my creations.

I then decided to fully integrate these video productions into my activity, in the form of paid tutoring.

You will therefore find on my platform several programs in which you can subscribe to a "pack" that will give you access to exclusive content depending on the pack chosen.

This will allow me to remunerate myself on the work provided and for you to benefit from access to this content developed especially for you.


"Matterhorn" Pack

  • 1 Demo or tutorial on a theme per month                

  • Sharing your creations made following my tutorials or step by step on my facebook and instagram page as well as in the newsletter                            

  • presentation of one of my inspirations per month.

from 6.50 € / month



All the advantages of the Matterhorn pack

  • 1 automatic reduction of -10% on all my shop items

  • 1 video material test or tip per month

  • access to making of videos on my current projects

  • Access to a contest every 2 months to win and goodies illustrations

from 14.50 € / month

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